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The Husband & Wife Team


A Note from Our Owner

Hi, I’m Marshall and I was born and raised right here, in Charleston, SC. When I was a kid, I immediately took a passion to both Charleston and the outdoors. Equipped with that love for the Lowcountry and an artistic passion,  I now have a horticulture degree, am landscape design certified, and I am undoubtedly a craftsman at heart! I believe that landscaping is so much more than just dropping trees in the ground and then hoping for the best. It's attempting to create a sanctuary for family & friends; a place where more, sweet laughs and smiles can become a part of Charleston history; a place where future generations can look back and know that we cared!

Speaking of caring deeply, my wife, Rachel met me during a short season when we both lived in the Midwest. She happily followed me back home after we tied the knot and we launched our sister company Charleston Outdoor Design. When she was a kid, she used to dream of working with plants and owning a nursery: She is now an accomplished artist and landscape designer and loves being a part of enhancing Charleston’s beauty with me.

Both of us truly enjoy what we do and we take pride in providing quality results and peace of mind to each and every one of our valued, unique clients. Our greatest strength is that we work & lead our team together, from planning to producing. Let’s get started today to discuss how we, at Charleston Outdoor Design can help you. Contact us now and let's start the conversation!  

ABOUT US: Our Company

Charleston Outdoor Design has over 15 years of combined experience and we’ve built a reputation for professional and reliable landscape design and installations backed by a healthy warranty. Rest easily knowing that we are a fully insured company and we are horticulturally certified. We also use organic fertilizer & compost, keeping our local environment clean & safe. Need work done that's outside of our scope or capacity? Our partnering companies are likewise all about high quality and you & your property's health & sustainability, even from a global perspective. We love what we do and it shows in our results! 

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