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Pruning is an invaluable part of maintaining your property. Not only does it control the size of a plant, but it causes new growth that is specific to the pruning method and timing and can result in fuller foliage and more profuse blooming. Pruning, we believe, is essential to the long-term vigor of your property. 

Being designers, we understand the difference in preference of shaping; whether a pristine, formal hedge or whether a naturally-flowing and romantic shrub (or etc.) are cohesive with the overall theme of your landscape. We offer hand pruning, utilizing a mixture of manual and powered shears, and leave the landscaping looking fresh and ready for new, happy growth. This includes trees, shrubs, and  groundcovers.


Sometimes our yards get out of hand. We know this can be for a large variety of reasons. Maybe you've just moved into your new house and your landscaping was not tended to during the lengthly closing process (or possibly even before that). Maybe your full lifestyle demands the majority of your attention elsewhere and tending to your yard is at the bottom of your "to-do" list... and has been there for a while. 

Whatever the case may be, we love restoring properties to become what they ought to be: something that, instead of nagging you for time and sweat, welcomes you and puts you at ease when you arrive.

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